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Italıan Excellence
For Aesthetıcs
EV projects together with your staff shape,
software and performance of the aeshetic
technologies, besides the customized accesso-
ries with laser marked logos.
Truly made in Italy production also means that
the service and technical assistance is guaran-
teed within the 48 hours and spare parts are
avaliable at all times. EV also provides clients
with on-site technical assistance with its mobile
service for the most demanding clientele.
Technologies developed for Your company:
EV’s experience and knowledge are always at
our business partners’ disposal to work on new
beauty technologies or new applications in the
aesthetics field.
EV guarantees production 100% made in Italy
since 1978. Since more than 30 years, our
business partners have always been welcome to
visit our laboratories and research & develop-
ment department with their clients to observe
and analyze the entire production process.
Clients rest assured with the certified EV quality
production systems.
The entire production process is ISO 9001
certified. All beauty machines are CE marked and
are confirmed for aesthetic use by the Italian
Health Ministry.
The production of the aesthetic machines
derives from an in-depth knowledge and robust
experience of the highest technology medical
equipment and medical laser platforms, always
using the best quality raw material in order to
guarantee top notch reliability and performance.
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